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Reports until 13:56, Tuesday 25 June 2019
filiberto.clara@LIGO.ORG - posted 13:56, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50173)
ISCT6 Laser

WP 8249

The power supply for the ISCT6 laser was uninstalled to replace failing fans inside the unit. Status of the unit before uninstalling:

1. Unit not screwed to its mounting brackets.
2. Unit sitting on some rubber pads for isolation.
3. Laser Diode temp (set) 20.22
4. Laser Diode curr (actual) 1.856 5. Laser Crystal (both set & actual) 31.83

Both fans inside the unit were replaced. Unit was reinstalled as found without the mounting brackets attached and left on the rubber pads. Here are the setting after install. I was careful not to move the knobs for the temp/current setting:

1. Laser Diode temp (set) 20.23
2. Laser Diode curr (actual) 1.872
3. Laser Crystal (both set & actual) 31.83

patrick.thomas@LIGO.ORG - posted 11:26, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50172)
h1ecaty1: svn update, rescanned PLC1, linked enclosure fan, enclosure light, HWS LED
WP 8252

Change to system manager checked into svn and reloaded.

Screenshot of initial svn update prior to work attached.
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rahul.kumar@LIGO.ORG - posted 10:51, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50171)
charge measurement - ISI tripped

Today's OPLEV charge measurement did not go through successfully since the ISI tripped at both the ends (roughly after taking 45 mins of data). I am not sure about who was working at the end station, although there were a few stuff going on. I will look for another window today since the detector will down for 8 hours of maintenance.

jeffrey.bartlett@LIGO.ORG - posted 10:34, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50170)
Bimonthly Dust Moniotr Vacuum Pump Checks (FAMIS 12990)
   Bimonthly check of the dust monitor vacuum pumps, revealed no problems or issues. Made a slight tweak to the vacuum pressure in the corner station. Both end station pressures were normal, and no excessive temperatures were found. 
jeffrey.bartlett@LIGO.ORG - posted 10:24, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50169)
Check HEPI Fluid Levels (FAMIS #13480)
   Check the HEPI fluid levels at both end stations (Hugh had already checked the CS). 

   End-Y was unchanged at 9 0/16. 

   End-X was down by 1/16 to 8 8/16. Did not observe any apparent leaks. If fluid level drops again on the next check, will inspect the system for leaks. 
H1 General
peter.king@LIGO.ORG - posted 09:40, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50168)
LVEA transitioned to LASER SAFE
The LVEA has transitioned to LASER SAFE.

    This is related to work permit #8260.
H1 PSL (OpsInfo)
jason.oberling@LIGO.ORG - posted 09:20, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50167)
PSL PMC Beam Alignment Tweak & Power Watchdog Reset (FAMIS 10716)

The PMC reflected power has been creeping up the last couple of weeks, from 9.8W to 10.4W, so this morning I tweaked the beam alignment into the PMC (remote from the control room).  This was done with the ISS OFF.  Before I started, the PMC was transmitting 53.8W and reflecting 10.4W.  Once complete the PMC was transmittng 54.2W and reflecting 10.0W.  With the extra power out of the PMC the ISS RefSignal needed to be adjusted to maintain the diffracted power % between 2% and 3%; the ISS RefSignal is now -2.06 V and the diffraction % is ~2.4%; this has been accepted in SDF.  With the ISS back ON, the PMC is transmitting 54.5 W and reflecting 10.0 W.

Both PSL power watchdogs were reset at 16:18 UTC (9:18 PDT).  This completes FAMIS 10716.

Edit to add:  I accepted the ISS RefSignal change for both the SAFE and OBSERVE SDF files.  When transitioning back to the SAFE file, SDF was showing yet another high-precision 10-16 difference for the ISS RefSignal (it does this almost everytime I switch between SDF files).  I accepted this for the SAFE file, but did not go back to the OBSERVE file to check.  So note to the on-shift operator repsonsible for recovering after today's extended maintenance: when going to OBSERVE for the first time you may see a 10-16 SDF difference for the ISS RefSignal; accepting this difference is OK.

david.barker@LIGO.ORG - posted 08:27, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50166)
HFD on site running fire pumps, cell phone alarms have been bypassed for this morning

Tue Jun 25 13:26:36 PDT 2019

For channel(s):



H1 General
edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - posted 07:59, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50165)
Shift Summary - Owl

TITLE: 06/25 Owl Shift: 07:00-15:00 UTC (00:00-08:00 PST), all times posted in UTC
STATE of H1: Preventive Maintenance

Last Lock: 25:43:33

10:05 Begin IA

10:30 Begin locking

12:01 H1 back to Observing

14:46 PEM Weekly script running - Intention bit Commissioning

14:50 Chris and Jeff B moving lift trucks

14:51 Chandra and Kyle heading out to MY - gate valves

14:57 Sensor correction turned off and H1 in Preventive maintenance mode


H1 SEI (DetChar)
edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - posted 02:19, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50164)
H1switched to Large EQ - Lockloss 9:14UTC

6.3 & 6.6Mag quakes from Japan reported incoming. Attempted to switch to Large Earthquake mode. This most likely broke the lock. However P & S waves already spikiing BLRMS

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edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - posted 01:23, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50163)
PSL Weekly Report - 10 Day Trends FAMIS #10615
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H1 General (SEI)
edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - posted 00:25, Tuesday 25 June 2019 - last comment - 12:05, Tuesday 25 June 2019(50160)
Earth_Quake mode

I was looking at riding out the smaller aforementioned quake when a verbal came in with a 5.8 from somewhere I wasn't familiar with. As a precautionary measure I made the switch. Jim's new SC output lights said it was ok. ;-)

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edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - 00:55, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50161)

5.8 Heard Island and McDonald Islands quake was a dud. After further investigation, It seems that this was the 6:01UTC quake listed on USGS as "Southeast Indian Ridge". I think something may be wrong with Verbal Alarms as this quake was about an hour old already and when I scrolled the Verbal terminal it disappeared (weird). Going to restart Verbal. Going to keep H1 in EQ mode as BLRMS are still dancing around a little in the .1-.2um/sec range which is ~ an order of magnitude higher than recently nominal.

7:49 Restarted Verbal Alarms



edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - 01:06, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50162)

8:06 Switched SEI_CONF back to WINDY

thomas.shaffer@LIGO.ORG - 12:05, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50174)OpsInfo

Verbal logs the seismon information anytime that it announces an EQ. This second announcement at 0722 UTC of the 5.8 in Heart Island and McDonald Islands was definitely a repeat of the same earthquake notifcation at 0622 UTC. Trending the seismon EQ_TIME_GPS channels, you can see that seismon removed this earthquake for a few minutes, then brought it back. Verbal sees this as a new EQ so it will announce it if the arrival time is still positive and in a band on the seiplot.

While Verbal didn't do anything wrong, I will try to figure a way around this. Trending these channels revealed to me that this happens more often than I orginally thought.

Operators: In the meantime, please always confirm the earthquakes when you get a notification (similar to what we do with GRBs).

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H1 General
edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - posted 00:19, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50159)
Shift Transition - Owl

TITLE: 06/25 Owl Shift: 07:00-15:00 UTC (00:00-08:00 PST), all times posted in UTC
STATE of H1: Observing at 114Mpc
    Wind: 11mph Gusts, 10mph 5min avg
    Primary useism: 0.04 μm/s
    Secondary useism: 0.10 μm/s

Steady rollin' for 23:50 hours.

LHO General
corey.gray@LIGO.ORG - posted 00:16, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50155)
EVE Operator Summary

TITLE: 06/24 Eve Shift: 23:00-07:00 UTC (16:00-00:00 PST), all times posted in UTC
STATE of H1: Observing at 117Mpc

Much nicer shift tonight with the winds not causing grief as they did my entire shift last night!  Have one EQ incoming, but I'm handing that over to Ed to observe/handle while utilizing Jim's new tool to help us transition to EARTHQUAKE mode without breaking lock.  This one is right on the border of being worrisome.  Virgo has started Maintenance.  

travis.sadecki@LIGO.ORG - posted 22:27, Saturday 22 June 2019 - last comment - 13:50, Tuesday 25 June 2019(50130)

See screenshot for error midway up the log.  All I did was reload INIT_ALIGN guardian and it seemed to move on fine.  Maybe needs more investigation.

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thomas.shaffer@LIGO.ORG - 13:00, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50175)

This is a case of too many managers trying to both use ALIGN_IFO. I have commented out the unstall_nodes decorator in ISC_LOCK's inital_alignment state. The INIT_ALIGN node is already unstalling what it needs to, and INIT_ALIGN shouldn't need to be unstalled.

sheila.dwyer@LIGO.ORG - 13:35, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50176)

Sorry about that.  I added that unstall nodes because we had seen the IMC guardian become stalled during Init align.  Does Align IFO manage the IMC and unstall it when it looses lock?

thomas.shaffer@LIGO.ORG - 13:50, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50177)

Ah, no it doesn't. I'll change ISC_LOCK to check on that, and I'll triple check the other nodes.

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