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aidan.brooks@LIGO.ORG - posted 13:16, Thursday 03 July 2014 (12610)
HAM4 HWS optics displacements

Aidan, Thomas

As we discovered yesterday, two HWS optics (HWSX STEER M1 and HWSX STEER M2) and the HWS scraper baffle are out of position with respect to each other. It turned out that the assembly diagram for the H1 HWSX HAM4 optics is incorrect (when compared to the actual optical coordinates, E1100463, derived from the HWSX optical solution, T1000179). Also, H1 and L1 coordinates are supposed to be the same. The following table summarizes the problem in the documentation:

Coordinate set Document # Accuracy
L1 HWS optical layout (from ZEMAX) T1100471-v12 Correct
H1 HWS optical layout (from ZEMAX) T1100463-v14 Same as L1 (except heights)
L1 HWS OPTICS ASSEMBLY (HAM4) D1101846-v4 Same as ZEMAX layout
H1 HWS OPTICS ASSEMBLY (HAM4) D1101085-v3 Doesn't match ZEMAX layout

So ... we have moved the offending HWS-X mirrors (HWSX STEER M1, HWSX STEER M2 and HWSX STEER M3) in HAM4 to the correct positions specified by the L1 assembly diagram. We will update the H1 assembly diagram to reflect this. Photographs will be attached ...

Alignment of the HAM4 HWS optics with the IAS laser is taking place this afternoon ..

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