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betsy.weaver@LIGO.ORG - posted 14:54, Monday 29 September 2014 - last comment - 09:15, Tuesday 30 September 2014(14202)
3IFO QUAD 06 Phase 1B testing

Now with added "damped" plots.  Note, the damping loops on the electronics test stand are hodge podge and so damping was poor for some regions of many loops.  As well, like I mentioned in earlier logs, the coherence of this in-air QUAD is poor at lower frequencies.  I spent some time trying to work out better excitation filtering/boosting but to no avail.  Damping works on both M0 and R0 chains of Q6.

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stuart.aston@LIGO.ORG - 09:15, Tuesday 30 September 2014 (14221)
Attached below is a comparison of undamped and damped Phase 1b QUAD06 TFs, which are also compared to QUADs of similar construction.


As already noted above, damping loops are in no way optimised on this test-stand, however, damping on all DOFs on both chains of QUAD06 can be observed. The most egregious damping behaviour occurs on the R DOF of the reaction chain. It should be noted that, since the undamped TF for this DOF appears clear, this indicates that issue is most likely filter configuration related when attempting to engage damping loops. Thus alleviating any concerns.

All data, plots and scripts have been committed to the sus svn.
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