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rana.adhikari@LIGO.ORG - posted 17:56, Wednesday 28 January 2015 - last comment - 13:23, Thursday 29 January 2015(16333)
Auto-Scale for Big plots with Dataviewer: CDS Bug #377

To get bigger plots in dataviewer (i.e. getting the plot window to auto-scale) for both playback and 'real-time' plots, you can now just set up an option in your GRACE environment:

1) In your user directory make a directory called .grace:      mkdir .grace

2) Change to that directory:                                   cd .grace

3) Copy my gracerc file into your directory:                   cp /ligo/home/rana.adhikari/.grace/gracerc.user .

Now, when you restart dataviewer, you will have autoscaling.

BTW, this is described somewhat in CDS Bugzilla #377 from Tobin Fricke, Jim Batch, & Keith Thorne.

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james.batch@LIGO.ORG - 12:56, Thursday 29 January 2015 (16346)
Note that the Realtime display suffers a bit when the "PAGE LAYOUT FREE" option is used to autoscale the plot windows.  As the attached screen shot shows, you no longer get the full plot in the window.  It takes some inconvenient fiddling to get the full plot displayed.
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rana.adhikari@LIGO.ORG - 13:23, Thursday 29 January 2015 (16348)

true enough - this is usually fixed by hitting stop and then start after first resizing the window. It usually undoes the cutoff plots, but sometimes it just leaves it bad...

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