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robert.schofield@LIGO.ORG - posted 22:25, Sunday 16 December 2012 (4947)
Replacing latex with nitrile gloves would reduce the chance of transferring black chamber cleaning residue

There is a black residue in cleaned chambers that comes off on latex gloves because they stretch further into the crevices that the wipes used to mop up the cleaning residue (here). We suggested in that alog that we test nitrile clean room gloves because they might not stretch into the crevices as much as the latex gloves. Jodi procured some nitrile gloves and when I was in HAM9, I compared the two types of clean room gloves. The photos show that much less residue came off on the nitrile (whiter) gloves than on latex gloves for the same pressure and length of rub against the HAM9 wall. I tested the 3 types of nitrile gloves (Hand PRO series 9100 and 7100 clean class nitrile,  and Valutek VTGNUTPFB95) that Jodi procured and they were all equally better than the latex gloves.

Robert S. Jodi F.

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