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arnaud.pele@LIGO.ORG - posted 16:10, Thursday 06 June 2013 - last comment - 08:06, Friday 07 June 2013(6657)
PRM phase 3b transfer functions

In preparation of the acceptance documentation for HSTS suspensions, PRM top mass has been tested for phase 3b after the series of MCs.

The transfer functions are showing good agreement with model and previous measurements.

The attached file is a comparison between model, phase 3a and phase 3b

files and data have been commited on the svn under the following directories :

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kiwamu.izumi@LIGO.ORG - 07:18, Friday 07 June 2013 (6666)

I kept forgetting to ask this question : what do these "3a" and "3b" mean ?

mark.barton@LIGO.ORG - 08:06, Friday 07 June 2013 (6667)

See G1200070, Ideal Order/Contents of aLIGO Triple SUS Testing / Commissioning, https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-G1200070.

1a: Metal build assemblies, in initial assembly area (e.g., LHO staging building)

1b: Metal build fully assembled, in initial assembly area

2a: Metal build chamberside

2b: Glass build chamberside

3a: Glass build in chamber, before pumpdown

3b: Glass build in chamber, after pumpdown

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