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arnaud.pele@LIGO.ORG - posted 19:13, Wednesday 13 November 2013 (8517)
b&k ITMX (2)

[Jim W. Travis S. Arnaud P.]

Today, and following yesterday's results we went in BSC3 chamber to take a new set of b&k measurements, and did a series of tests described below :

Test1 : X&Y hit ISI locked

Test2 : X&Y hit ISI locked with dog clamps tigthened

Test 3 : X&Y hit ISI unlocked with dog clamps tightened

The attached pdf is showing good and consistent results in both X and Y directions, for the 3 tests. See pictures for axis.

Several things to notice and conclude :

-The difference between ISI locked/unlocked seems only to affect the anti-resonnance at around 30Hz. Meaning, there's no need to take b&k measurement in chamber, but test stand is sufficient (at least for the quads/bs)

-Tightening the dog clamps didn't change the response above 30Hz

- None of the results from yesterday were reproducable


Results and scripts were commited under the svn

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