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edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - posted 00:25, Tuesday 25 June 2019 - last comment - 12:05, Tuesday 25 June 2019(50160)
Earth_Quake mode

I was looking at riding out the smaller aforementioned quake when a verbal came in with a 5.8 from somewhere I wasn't familiar with. As a precautionary measure I made the switch. Jim's new SC output lights said it was ok. ;-)

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edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - 00:55, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50161)

5.8 Heard Island and McDonald Islands quake was a dud. After further investigation, It seems that this was the 6:01UTC quake listed on USGS as "Southeast Indian Ridge". I think something may be wrong with Verbal Alarms as this quake was about an hour old already and when I scrolled the Verbal terminal it disappeared (weird). Going to restart Verbal. Going to keep H1 in EQ mode as BLRMS are still dancing around a little in the .1-.2um/sec range which is ~ an order of magnitude higher than recently nominal.

7:49 Restarted Verbal Alarms



edmond.merilh@LIGO.ORG - 01:06, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50162)

8:06 Switched SEI_CONF back to WINDY

thomas.shaffer@LIGO.ORG - 12:05, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50174)OpsInfo

Verbal logs the seismon information anytime that it announces an EQ. This second announcement at 0722 UTC of the 5.8 in Heart Island and McDonald Islands was definitely a repeat of the same earthquake notifcation at 0622 UTC. Trending the seismon EQ_TIME_GPS channels, you can see that seismon removed this earthquake for a few minutes, then brought it back. Verbal sees this as a new EQ so it will announce it if the arrival time is still positive and in a band on the seiplot.

While Verbal didn't do anything wrong, I will try to figure a way around this. Trending these channels revealed to me that this happens more often than I orginally thought.

Operators: In the meantime, please always confirm the earthquakes when you get a notification (similar to what we do with GRBs).

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