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H1 PSL (OpsInfo)
jason.oberling@LIGO.ORG - posted 09:20, Tuesday 25 June 2019 (50167)
PSL PMC Beam Alignment Tweak & Power Watchdog Reset (FAMIS 10716)

The PMC reflected power has been creeping up the last couple of weeks, from 9.8W to 10.4W, so this morning I tweaked the beam alignment into the PMC (remote from the control room).  This was done with the ISS OFF.  Before I started, the PMC was transmitting 53.8W and reflecting 10.4W.  Once complete the PMC was transmittng 54.2W and reflecting 10.0W.  With the extra power out of the PMC the ISS RefSignal needed to be adjusted to maintain the diffracted power % between 2% and 3%; the ISS RefSignal is now -2.06 V and the diffraction % is ~2.4%; this has been accepted in SDF.  With the ISS back ON, the PMC is transmitting 54.5 W and reflecting 10.0 W.

Both PSL power watchdogs were reset at 16:18 UTC (9:18 PDT).  This completes FAMIS 10716.

Edit to add:  I accepted the ISS RefSignal change for both the SAFE and OBSERVE SDF files.  When transitioning back to the SAFE file, SDF was showing yet another high-precision 10-16 difference for the ISS RefSignal (it does this almost everytime I switch between SDF files).  I accepted this for the SAFE file, but did not go back to the OBSERVE file to check.  So note to the on-shift operator repsonsible for recovering after today's extended maintenance: when going to OBSERVE for the first time you may see a 10-16 SDF difference for the ISS RefSignal; accepting this difference is OK.