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sheila.dwyer@LIGO.ORG - posted 16:43, Friday 20 September 2019 (52045)
squeezer green power

Sheila, Daniel, Corey

Corey pointed out that the squeezer manager is giving a warning about the green power stabilization being railed.  Over the last week Daniel and I have bumped up the green power (using the half wave plate) a couple of times, so that we are now using 24.3mW of power into the green fiber.

The transmitted power through the OPO is servo'd, so the launched power is increased to compensate.  The OPO reflected power has also been increasing, which would suggest that the mode matching or alignment into the OPO has increased, or that the losses are changed. 

For now the operators can ignore the message about the green power stabilization, we may want to lower the green power setting for the OPO for the next week.  Daniel is planning to look at a mode scan of the OPO on Tuesday to see if there is evidence that the mode matching or alignment has degraded.

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