Reports until 00:30, Saturday 16 October 2021
gerardo.moreno@LIGO.ORG - posted 00:30, Saturday 16 October 2021 (60293)
New Turbo Pump Station Inside Y-End Station VEA

(Kyle R., Travis S., Gerardo M.)

As previously noted in Kyle's entry, to position the new turbo pump station inside the VEA was a bit more involved than just pushing it into place.  After some measurements of the VEA components, the use of the crane to move the new turbo pump station was rejected, the measurements revealed that there was no room to move the station over the huddle of cleanrooms in a safe manner.  Plan B, we opted to move the staircase with the crane a bit, enough to allow the station to squeeze by and get it to near its final location.  The staircase was moved back to its initial position.  Also, GV18 was not operated.