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camilla.compton@LIGO.ORG - posted 09:15, Monday 18 October 2021 - last comment - 14:01, Monday 18 October 2021(60299)
HEPI Fluid Level Check - Monthly FAMIS Task

Closes FAMIS 17360

  Level (inches)      
Location Value Difference from
last reported levels
Recorded Trip Level  Drip Pans Leaks Comments
CS 5 13/16 0 5 11/16 Clean None new  
EX 7 11/16 0 7 10/16 Clean None new Metallic grating sound coming from motor?
EY 8 11/16 0 8 6/16 Clean None new  

Updated local T1500280 to a v23. Performed CS on 11-Oct-2021, EX,EY on 15-Oct-2021.

Comments related to this report
jim.warner@LIGO.ORG - 14:01, Monday 18 October 2021 (60305)

Camilla notes extra noise coming from the EX HEPI pump. I went down to look, and there is definitely an extra, barely audible whine coming from this pump which sounds like some extra bearing noise. I found Hugh's old grease gun and tried to force a little more grease in to see if that would improve things, but it just seemed to squirt out around the zerk. The sound did not improve after Nidhi ramped the pump back up for me. There is also some extra occasional grumbling coming from this pump station that doesn't sound normal either. It seems to run fine, the control drives all seem normal and haven't changed at all over the last ~100 days. I'll keep checking on this, but we may need to think about pulling and servicing this unit before too long. We have already replaced this unit before, noted in alog 51608. That replacement was proceded by an increase in the drive needed to maintain pressure, discussed in 51559. I'll start looking at our spare pumps and try to figure out what we need in order to be ready in case of a failure.