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mark.barton@LIGO.ORG - posted 18:42, Wednesday 26 September 2012 - last comment - 14:47, Monday 07 April 2014(4312)
Taking more BSFM02 TFs
Mark B.

Resuming work on BSFM02. Will take damped and undamped TFs and damped and undamped spectra.
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mark.barton@LIGO.ORG - 22:19, Wednesday 26 September 2012 (4314)
Mark B.

Done for the day. Undamped TF data is 


and damped TF data is 

2012-09-26_2000_X1SUSBSFM02_M1_*_WhiteNoise.xml . 

Plots for these data set are appended. I've added the appropriate lines to plotallbsfm_tfs.m and committed it but I haven't run it - I want to check that it does the right thing with data taken on H2 but filed as X1.

Spectra time segment starts are

startTimeRef.gps = 1032753893; % GPS Start Time Damping OFF
startTimeRes.gps = 1032752625; % GPS Start Time Damping ON

I still need to generate plots for these and the ones earlier today, but as mentioned previously, first I have to modify plotbsfm_spectraBSFM02.m to accept X1 data (the script it's based on was hard-wired to L1/H1/H2).
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mark.barton@LIGO.ORG - 09:47, Thursday 27 September 2012 (4319)
Mark B.

Here the comparison plot with all the BSFM02 data plus some for the real H2 FMY and X2 BSFM06. The noise in the BSFM02 data sets is rather worse than X2 BSFM06 (but comparable to H2 FMY), so it looks like we don't have the best drive parameters. However it does look like noise and there don't seem to be any significant features common to the noisy bits of 2012-09-25_1100 and 2012-09-26_0900.
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mark.barton@LIGO.ORG - 16:16, Monday 08 October 2012 (4396)
Mark B.

After some discussion with Stuart, I processed the spectrum data from 7/26/12 morning and evening two ways. First I used a custom plotbsfm_spectraBSFM02.m to process it as X1/BSFM02/BUILD01 with tags of 2012-09-26_0900 (morning) and 2012-09-26_1900 (evening) with names like


So if anyone is looking for the data by following the directory structure in the usual fashion for a Phase 1b test, appropriate plots will be there. The captions in these plots also specify X1 BSFM02 primarily and H2 FMY secondarily.

We also used the stock plotbsfm_spectra.m to process the data purely as H2:FMy with names like


This is so that it can be found by the stock version of plotallbsfm_spectra.m, which Stuart felt was too much hassle to customize. We added two new lines to the measList section with comments to the effect that the suspension in each case was really BSFM02.

Attached is a set of comparison plots with the morning and afternoon's data. Unfortunately we couldn't include the 'L1','BS','2012-09-24_1200' dataset because it doesn't seem to have been committed from LLO.

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mark.barton@LIGO.ORG - 14:47, Monday 07 April 2014 (11126)

In preparation for the Acceptance review, I redid the TF plots with up-to-date comparisons.

Red: 3IFO Phase 1b undamped (2012-09-26_1900)

Pink: 3IFO Phase 1b damped (2012-09-26_2000)

Black: H1 BS Phase 3b undamped (2013-07-30_1059269030)

Orange: L1 BS Phase 3b undamped (2013-08-29_0900)

Because the data was taken on a mechanical test stand in the LVEA with other work going on around, it is somewhat noisy (especially up to about 0.6 Hz in most DOFs and throughout in P) and the damping is a bit strong, but the peaks in the undamped TFs are very clean and in exactly the right positions.

I also redid the spectra with comparisons.

Green: 3IFO BS 2012-09-26_0900

Red: 3IFO BS 2012-09-26_1900 (later the same day)

Cyan: H1 BS 2013-02-25_1000 (on BSTST test stand)

Purple: H1 BS 2013-07-24_1400

Blue: L1 BS 2013-11-27_0930

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